HERBAL ELEMENTS was started in 2020, inspired to improve people's health through 100% all-natural herb-based remedy.

Back by Chinese physicians

who has treated over 2000 patients,

we have spent more than 6 years to come up with 7 different tea therapies,

that is specifically catered to Malaysian

taking into account the Malaysia weather and eating habits of Malaysian.

We are confident that our tea therapy is able to assist you in improving your health.

Our body and mind are the greatest workers in the world. They work 24/7, 365 days a year without rest, without complaints. We often take them for granted until we fall ill, that's the only time they get to rest. But once we recovered, we expect them to work tirelessly for us again. If we do not stop this cycle as early as possible, our body may suffer irreversible damage.


HERBAL ELEMENTS provides specific herb-based remedies that are catered to your condition to help your body recuperate and rejuvenate while they work. Over time, this would strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. It's about time to reward your greatest workers. Your body and mind would thank you for choosing HERBAL ELEMENTS.

Our Range of Products

Spleen Strengthening & Detoxification Tea Therapy

This tea specifically caters to people who sweat excessively, feels tired or drowsy easily. This tea is able to improve the digestive system, and through this, it also helps in weight loss.

Targeted Outcomes

Healthy Weight Loss

Improve Digestion

Reduce Constipation

Eliminate Edema

Remove Body Dampness

Whitening and Anti-aging Tea Therapy

This tea is a woman's best companion, beautifying, regulating blood and anti-ageing all at the same time. Say goodbye to menstrual problems, bad skin complexion and dark eye circle. Its time to pamper yourself.

Targeted Outcomes

Improve skin complexion



Reduce Menstrual Problems

Improve Blood Circulation

Three High Regulating Tea Therapy

For those who led a hectic and stressful lifestyle, 3 "highs" (high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol level) may be lurking around the corner. Take preventive measures before its too late. 

Targeted Outcomes

Regulate "3 highs"

Regulate Uric Acid

Throat and Lung Soothing Tea Therapy

This tea is specifically designed for people who are looking to improve overall oral and lungs healthDo you know someone with bad breath? This tea is perfect for them :) 

Targeted Outcomes

Relief Sore Throats

Reduce Bad Breath

Reduce Phlegm and Cough

Reduce Heatiness

Strengthen Lungs

Liver Tonifying

Tea Therapy

Are you a frequent drinker? Do you constantly stay up late? Both of these activities are very harmful to your liver. You may be at risk of developing a fatty liver or early liver failure. Give your liver some love that it deserves for sustaining our constant abuse for so long.

Targeted Outcomes

Strengthen Liver


Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Lipids Level

Tranquillizing and Calming Tea Therapy

This tea therapy is specifically aimed to improve one's sleep qualityby providing natural calming effects.

Targeted Outcomes

Improve sleep quality

Reduce Anxiety

Calming of mind and body

Better Concentration

Reduce Sweating during sleep

Kidney Tonifying

Tea Therapy

This tea therapy is aimed to strengthen one's kidney Kidney serves as one of the most important detoxification organs in our body. Symptoms of weak kidneys may include hair-loss, urination problems, decreased sexual functions and menstrual disorders.

Targeted Outcomes

Nourish Kidney

Reduce Hair-loss problem

Regulate Menstruation

Improve Sex Life

How our tea therapy differs from others?


Pyramid Teabag Packaging

All Ingredients are displayed clearly, hygienically produced and convenient to prepare

Whole herbs

(minimal processing)

NO powder, NO additives, NO preservatives. We use whole herbs to ensure nutrients and health benefits remain intact.

Perfect Proportion

The formula of our tea therapy is our proprietary asset. Our Chinese physicians worked hard in finding the perfect proportion for each tea therapy to ensure gentle but effective delivery of health benefits.


Non-Woven Fabric Packaging

Ingredients are unknown, may contain unwanted ingredients 

Powdered tea-bags

Usually uses inferior grade and leftover ingredients. Generally heavily processed.

Unscientific proportion

Commercially produced teabags may not possess targeted health benefits. Their proportion may not be accurately formulated. 

Thoughtful Packaging

Zip-lock mechanism 

Re-seal after consumption

Metalized inner layer with silica gel

Ensuring herbs remains fresh and dry up to 6 months

Stand-up pouch 

Portable and convenient to store 

Matte finishing

Elegant and classy to display, Perfect for gifts 

Pre-tear Notch

Easy to prepare

Round corners

No sharp edges, no accidental cuts 

Frequently asked questions

When will i receive my goods after payment?

We try to ship your order out within 1-2 days after ordering. After shipping out your order, the delivery process usually takes 2-5 days for East Malaysia and 7-14 days for West Malaysia. If you wish to obtain the tracking number, please contact our customer service though whatsapp: +60103186604.

Is there any delivery fee?

NO! We offer FREE SHIPPING across East Malaysia, However, we do charge RM10 shipping fee for West Malaysia orders.

Who will deliver my goods after ordering?

We partner with J&T Express for shipment fulfillment.

When is your shipping date?

Currently, we only ship orders on weekdays, meaning that orders made during the weekend will be consolidated and shipped on Monday.

What is the available payment method?

We currently only accept bank transfer. Sorry for any inconvinience caused, we will include more payment method in the future!

I havent receive my goods after 2 weeks, what should i do?

Please contact our customer service at +60103186604. We will assist you in every way possible.

There is missing / damaged goods from my order, what should i do?

Please contact our customer service at +60103186604. We will investigate thoroughly and resolve your issue to the best of our ability.